Transform Kit: Food Lover 30
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Product Description

TRANSFORM KIT FOOD LOVER – ONCE A DAY is a weight-loss kit that is specially designed for individuals like you, who enjoy tasting FOOD. It is a kit that contains Complete Whey Protein to provide you with a nutritious and substantial snack between meals.

This kit allows you to cook your favorite dishes, plan your menus and taste delicious recipes with a Latin flavor. Use this ONCE A DAY kit of 30 portions for one month if you want to take one (1) Complete Whey Protein snack a day between meals.

It also contains the Transform Kit Capsules designed to support you during your transformation. Our products are made with high-quality herbs, fruit extracts, botanical plants and vegetables.


  • Benefits of Complete Whey Protein
    • You can use our Complete Whey Protein as a nutritious and substantial snack between your main meals.
    • Each serving contains 15g of quality protein to help you maintain weight control, along with a healthy diet and exercise.
    • It can help you control appetite between meals.
    • Helps maintain lean muscle mass.
    • Made from whey, which is designed to provide you with a nutritious and substantial snack between meals.
    • Available in delicious flavors according to your preference: Kiwi-Berry, Cappuccino, Choco-Brownie, and Vanilla.
    • Complete Whey Protein is ideal for active individuals who want to promote weight loss and maintain lean body mass.
    • Less than 100 calories per serving.
  • Benefits of the Transform Kit FOOD LOVER
  • This kit offers you our delicious protein shakes that help you lead a lifestyle that allows you to plan your meals and cook your favorite and healthy balanced recipes.
  • Take a Complete Whey Protein between meals as a snack (one midmorning or one midafternoon). Can help you reduce appetite between meals.
  • Contain all the tools that will be useful to you during your transformation process: Shakes, nutritional supplements, Nutrition Guide, and Heart Band.
  • Use this Transform Kit and stay focused on your goals for Nutrition, Emotional Health, and Movement to reach Success.

This Kit Contains

  • One (1) canister of Complete Whey Protein for 30 snacks – 30 servings in each container, in the flavor of your preference: Vanilla, Choco-Brownie, Kiwi-Berry and Cappuccino. These have all the nutrients you need in a snack.
  • The Transform Kit Capsules are designed to help you through your transformation. Our products are developed with high-quality herbs, fruit extracts, botanical plants and vegetables.
    • One (1) Slim Down (30 capsules)
      A supplement that can help you maintain a healthy metabolism to burn more calories long term. It can also help you increase your energy levels.*
    • One (1) Appetite Support (30) capsules
      Helps control appetite by promoting satiety to assist in reducing food intake. It can bring you feeling of calmness to support your transformation.*
    • One (1) Collagen (30 servings)
      A supplement that can help you maintain skin elasticity during your transformation diet. It could also promote growth and strength of hair and nails and support bone health.*
    • One (1) Colon Optimizer (30 servings)
      A supplement specifically designed to promote healthy digestive function thanks to the benefit of probiotics known as Bacillus coagulans. It also helps you regulate healthy colon function.*
  • One (1) Shaker so you can prepare your Complete Whey Protein
  • Nutrition Guide
    This guide will teach you what, when and how much to eat.
  • Heart Band
    Use this band on the left wrist to help keep you focused.
  • A Certificate of Commitment
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Usage Instructions

This kit is designed to consume 1 Complete Whey Protein a day for 30 days.

  • Take one (1) Complete Whey Protein between meals at each of your snacks: midmorning or midafternoon.
  • Take 1 capsule of each Nutritional Supplement a day.
  • Read your Nutrition Guide to learn how to eat and achieve your transformation.

Who Can Use It?

Our Complete Whey Protein is perfect for you if:

  • You want to lose weight
  • You want to control cravings between meals
  • You want to maintain lean muscle mass
  • You want a protein drink after exercising.
  • You want to have a quick snack
  • You are searching for a healthy snack for a healthy lifestyle
  • You want a gluten-free snack


Weight Management and General Nutrition


30 portions of Complete Whey Protein