The Transform Kit On-the-Go is a weight-loss kit designed for people who value convenience and prefer the simplicity of instant and nutritious Complete Meal Replacements. The Transform Kit On-the-Go is designed for those who do not have time to prepare their meals and wish to substitute two meals a day.

The Transform Kit Food Lover is a weight-loss kit designed especially for people who love to eat and enjoy the taste and texture of food. Made for those who prefer to prepare their healthy meals three times a day and wish to have two snacks a day between meals.
Our Complete Meal Replacement gives you all the benefits of a meal with (20g) of quality protein to help support weight management in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise. Contains essential nutrients including vitamins and minerals. It is a perfect solution for people who want a delicious and nutritious meal that you can have while on the go.
The Complete Whey Protein has less carbohydrates and calories than the Complete Meal Replacement. This is why the Complete Whey Protein is meant to be a snack. The Complete Meal Replacement has all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals to substitute an actual meal (such as breakfast, lunch or dinner). Our Complete Meal Replacements are the perfect solution for those who want to have a healthy, nutritious and delicious meal in a matter of minutes.
If you forget to have your supplements in the morning, we recommend taking them right after lunch. Otherwise, wait until the next morning.
Our Nutrition Guide has all the information you need to complement your supplements and accomplish your health and wellness goals. The Nutrition Guide will tell you exactly what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat. You will also find tips on emotional health, movement, weekly menu samples, and all the guidelines to follow the Traffic Light Diet with the help of your supplements. Always consult your healthcare provider before beginning any diet or exercise program.
Every Transform Kit comes with a new Yes You Can! Heart Band. If you have a Transform Kit on Auto-Ship, you will receive a Yes You Can! Heart Band with each of your monthly shipments. Each <3 band represents another step towards you goal! Stay focused and committed towards your health and your body. Get rid of every negative thought (junk food, doubt, fear) by giving yourself a little "snap" on the wrist to remember your goal.
The new sleek and beautiful presentation for our products was designed to help preserve their freshness, flavor and nutrition. It also provides a better storage life and portability.

Additionally, our canisters give you the freedom to manage your portions while conserving the rest of the product intact. And, because we designed this amazing product with you in mind, this container is more cost effective for shipping, which translates into more savings for you!
An Auto-Ship order is a recurring order you set up to get every month on the same date. You can create an Auto-Ship order while checking out.

You must have with a valid credit or debit card to receive your Auto-Ship order automatically every month. We offer a 10% Preferred Customer discount for those on Auto-Ship orders over $75.
The Yes You Can! Business is an opportunity is for those who love and enjoy the Yes You Can! Products and want the opportunity to make additional income by developing and growing their very own independent business through our direct selling method.

Our Independent Yes You Can! Coaches have the opportunity to earn supplemental income in four different ways:
  1. Selling Yes You Can! Products
  2. Building a team
  3. Personal advancement
  4. Leadership
Direct Selling is a business method where an individual salesperson is compensated not only for selling products to customers, but also for the sales of other salespeople that they sponsor. Direct selling commonly includes sales made through parties, one-on-one interactions and demonstrations to a group.

Most commonly, the salespeople are expected to sell products directly to consumers via relationships, referrals and word of mouth and personal websites.

Through direct selling, individuals don’t work for a company; instead, they represent it and sell its products and get compensated based on their sales and the sales of their sponsored team. The important thing to remember that this is done through an independent business, which gives individuals the flexibility and freedom to work part time or full time, work from home, an define their own commitment.
Independent Yes You Can! Coaches are independent business people that purchase products directly from Yes You Can! at a 25% discount for their personal use or to sell to their customers. In some cases they build a team and train others to do the same. Yes You Can! Coaches are able to participate in the Business Opportunity and have the potential to earn commissions and bonuses on their personal sales and the sales of their team, if they choose to build one.

As independent business people, they choose how and when to operate their own business and they must adhere to our company policies, procedures and legal requirements that regulate product information, sales techniques, advertising and social media related issues. Most commonly Independent Yes You Can! Coaches sell their products through an approved personal website provided to them by Yes You Can!
To become a Coach you must purchase your Coach Business Pack through our website. Fill out your online application and submit it to Yes You Can! Once the application has been processed and accepted, you will have all the rights, responsibilities and privileges of an Independent Yes You Can! Coach.

Coaches are also charged an annual renewal fee of $65 that needs to be paid on the anniversary date of their application. The fee covers the costs of the websites, tools and the administrative services provided by Yes You Can!
Coaches join Yes You Can! for many different reasons, with many different expectations. The beauty of the business opportunity is that you can set your own goals. Your results will depend on how much time and effort you put into your business, and your skill in selling Yes You Can! products and teaching others to do the same. We want you to join us because you know it’s the right decision for you, so we invite you to read our Income Disclosure Statement before you purchase a Coach Business Pack.
A Customer is an individual that has not enrolled as a Yes You Can! Coach and who instead purchases Yes You Can! products directly from a Coach at retail value.

Similarly, a Preferred Customer is an individual that no only purchases product directly from a Yes You Can! Coach, but they have also set-up a monthly recurring auto-ship order over $75.00, which entitles them to a 10% discount off the retail price of our products.
We stand by the quality of our products. However, each person reacts differently to foods and dietary supplements.

If you believe you are having any side effects, stop using the products immediately, consult with your doctor and report any issues directly to us.
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