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Paul Stanley

*Consumers who correctly follow the Yes You Can! Program of proper diet and exercise and two Complete Meal Replacement shakes per day can expect to lose approximately 3 pounds per month. However, results may vary depending on a variety of individual factors.

My name is Paul Stanley. Ever since I was a little kid, I had problems with my weight. At school, I was constantly bullied and teased for my weight, and I was always in the friend-zone with girls. I felt like a total loser! My father, Paco Stanley, was my hero and I always wanted to emulate him, even his eating habits which were very unhealthy. Also for some time, he had a hamburger brand sponsor his TV show, and we could have free hamburgers any time we wanted. Obviously it really affected my health. When I was given the chance to start my transformation with Yes You Can!, I didn’t even have to think about it because I knew that Alejandro understood exactly what I went through. The first thing Alejandro talked to me about was my mental health. I never really thought about it, but it is a major factor to reach success because I was able to understand that real change comes from the inside out. This is the only way in which we can raise our self-esteem and make the change permanently. Furthermore, I learned how to select my food, eat the right portions and how to combine them to get the best results possible. Mexican cuisine is my absolute favorite, but it can be very unhealthy if you don’t choose right. However, the plan showed me how to keep eating my favorite dishes by using whole wheat tortillas, natural salsa, and cooking meat or chicken on the grill instead of frying them. Physical activity was a very important part of my process as well, and I wanted to become a more active person, so I took this opportunity to do it. Now, my life, career and, especially, my self-esteem are better than ever! My journey with Yes You Can! and Alejandro Chaban gave me things that I’m going to have forever and that are going to help me become the best version of me.

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