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Nutrition Guide
This Nutrition Guide contains all the information you need to complement your nutritional supplements and achieve your health and fitness goals. The Nutrition Guide explains exactly what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat. You’ll also find tips on emotional health, movement, weekly menu samples, and all the guidelines to follow the Traffic Light Diet, with the help of your nutritional supplements. Always consult with your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program.

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We will teach you:

  • What to eat? Traffic Light Diet: Follow the Traffic Light Diet guidelines, which has served as a guide for the Alejandro Chabán’s transformation. A guide that came out organically while his father tried to help him select healthy foods. It is easy to follow since it is divided into three columns: GREEN: what you can eat. YELLOW: what you can eat from time to time and RED: what not to eat.
  • When to eat? You must divide your day into 5 meals: 1. Breakfast 2. Snack 3. Lunch 4. Snack 5. Dinner. We recommend that you divide how many hours you are awake between 5.
  • How much to eat? With this guide, we give you the hand as the simplest tool so you know how to measure the right portions for each food.
In the guide, you will also find:
  • Information regarding On the Go and Food Lover lifestyles
  • Menus samples that best suit your lifestyle
  • Nutritional supplements and their benefits
  • Recommendations on servings and how to learn measurements
  • Lifestyle tips
  • Our four pillars, including emotional health and movement